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Competitive Pricing

HAPR offers a competitive fee structure without cutting corners on service or results. What best distinguishes us from many of our competitors is the enthusiasm, energy and dedication that we bring to every account — regardless of their budget.

Fresh Ideas Delivered Daily
A key part of our strategic thinking is devoted to coming up with fresh angles that will distinguish our clients' products or services and gain media attention. We're also constantly on the alert for alternative ways to reach and motivate target markets. And when applicable, we explore opportunities for clients to participate in high profile consumer promotions that add excitement to their campaigns, expand media coverage and stretch their budget.

Nothing Gets in the Way of Our Getting the Job Done
No one at HAPR is too important to "roll up their sleeves" and work on our accounts. Senior management personally oversees day-to-day activities and works closely with all of our clients, allowing us to respond more quickly to media opportunities, sudden market changes, and any unforeseen crisis.

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